When Should You Upgrade Solar System?

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When Is the Best Time to Upgrade Existing Solar Systems?

In Sydney, solar panel adoption is constantly growing. The city strives to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and rely more on clean, green energy.

Those who embraced the solar trend early are enjoying the benefits of green energy and saving a lot of money.

However, time is changing, and so are technological advancements. If you’re one of those who already have installed a solar panel system in your house, but now you think your current solar system is old, inefficient, or not producing as much power as it should. Then maybe it’s time to consider updating your existing solar system to something more efficient and modern, and might want to contact our team of solar installers Sydney.

There are many reasons for upgrading to a modern solar power system and today’s solar technology is far superior to an aging system due to rapid technological advancements.

The following are a few reasons your solar system might be due for an upgrade.

Your System Is Not Performing As It Should

Generally, upgrading is necessary when your system no longer performs as well as it once did. A certain amount of efficiency is lost each year to the degradation of solar panels as they age. You would not even notice this loss, but your system will likely produce significantly less power over twenty years than when it was installed for the first time.

Sydney’s newer solar panels use better technology to produce more power for longer. So, if your energy output has decreased, it’s a good idea to upgrade your solar system and panels.

Your Solar Energy Need Increased

Despite your system still functioning smoothly, there may be more power requirements than 10-15 years ago. You may have a larger family, or you have installed appliances in your home that use more energy. Because people’s energy needs change, a system installed many years ago may no longer meet your needs.

However, there’s no need to replace your system completely. Adding a few additional solar panels may be all you need. So, contact a Solar Installer in Sydney who can tell you if you need a complete change or add a few solar panels.

You Need to Install Battery Storage

Battery storage is another reason why you might upgrade existing solar technology. Rather than receiving electricity from the main grid during the night, you might find it more affordable to store excess solar energy in batteries instead of exporting it to the main grid during the day.

It is a great way for you to break free from your dependence on the main grid, but an additional cost will be involved. However, it may be better to upgrade the whole system rather than just replacing the battery.

Calculate Your Inverter’s Capacity to Pick the Upgrade Type

Before upgrading your solar panel, you should check the inverter’s capacity. You might be able just to add more solar panels to the system if your inverter has a higher capacity than your solar panels. An upgrade of this kind would obviously be less expensive.

In contrast, replacing the entire system may be necessary if the capacity of the inverter is inadequate. However, you could replace your existing inverter with a bigger one while keeping your current solar panels. Here, the problem might be that solar panels gradually deteriorate in performance. In most cases, you will need to upgrade your panels anyway when you replace an inverter.

Solar Panel Warranty Coverage

You should know a little more about the warranty that came with your original solar system if you intend to upgrade it. When you are thinking about upgrading because of significantly degraded performance or equipment faults, make sure to check if a warranty claim is available.

Batteries and inverters each have their warranties. So, be sure to check these too. Solar panels come with two different types of warranties.

The first is a warranty covering equipment malfunctions. The second is a warranty covering performance. Over time, solar panels tend to perform less efficiently, but there is an acceptable level of degradation. A performance warranty may apply to your system if it has degraded out of the acceptable range.

The Challenges of Upgrading a Solar Panel

The biggest challenge with a solar panel upgrade in Sydney is figuring out if the equipment is still up to date. An older system might have panels, cables, inverters, or other outdated devices. Additionally, you should check whether your roof has enough room for more solar panels.

You can also run into problems with panel compatibility. Solar panels typically last for more than two decades before starting to lose their effectiveness, so you probably won’t have to replace all of them unless you’re upgrading to a more efficient system. Before upgrading your solar energy system, you should have your Solar installer look at the entire system, including the wiring and mounting.

Solar Panels Sydney Expert Analysis

There’s a possibility that one or more panels are failing, particularly if they are older. So, it’s worthwhile to have our Solar Installers Sydney inspect them for you and give you a professional recommendation.

The energy output may decrease due to the deterioration of cable insulation, failure of defective components, water filling in the components, rats chewing on cables, damage from natural causes, damage from home renovations, unprofessional installation, and Isolator problems.

An inspection by a professional can help identify potential problems before they become dangerous.

Unsure About Upgrading Your Solar System?

If you’re still unsure whether or not you should upgrade your solar panel. It is best to contact reputable solar companies in Sydney before making any decisions. Initially, they can assess your current system usage and performance. After that, you’ll receive advice on which upgrade is right for you.

Whether you need assistance with an installation or upgrade, Data N Power can help. We are Solar installers in Sydney who can assist whether you’d like to upgrade your inverter, add panels to your system, or upgrade the entire system.

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